Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Q&A: Great Expectations

1.  Who does Pip meet in the village churchyard on Christmas Eve?
2.  Being an orphan, who does Pip live with? How do they treat him?
3. What does Pip feel guilty about? What does this reveal about him?
4. What thoughtful thing does the convict do when he is caught by a search party?
5. Why does Pip want to confess to Joe about his interactions with the convict?
6. How does Pip react from discouragement from others?
7. What causes Pip to want to get serious about his education?
8. What does "the file" represent?
9. Why is Miss Havisham obsessed with weddings?
10. What are Pip's thoughts about being a blacksmith?

1. Pip meets an escaped convict, whom threatens him into bringing him food and cutting him free from his chains the following morning.
2. Pip lives with his older sister and Joe.  His sister treats him horribly; constantly putting him down or getting angry at him.  Joe and Pip have a great relationship, he often finds comfort in Joe when his sister is treating him bad.
3. Pip feels guilty about stealing from his pantry and a file for the convict. This reveals Pip has great morals and is innocent.
4. The convict does not reveal how Pip helped him out previously. This shows he may have a good side.
5. Pip wishes to tell Joe about how he helped the convict and stole things.  He can't stand lieing to Joe.
6. Pip does not take criticism from others well.
7. When Estella tells Pip he is going to lead a common life, Pip wants to become serious about his education and make something out of himself.
8. "The file" represents Pip's guiltiness.
9. She is obsessed with weddings because is appears she has been wronged by a man, and is still bitter about it.
10. Pip does not want to be a blacksmith. It is too common of a life.

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