Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Purpose of Writing Great Expections

Keith Richard stated that “it becomes almost an obsession to touch other people.  To write a son that is remember and taken to heart is a connection, a touch of bases.  A thread that runs through all of us.”  In Great Expectations, I believe that Dickens’ wanted the reader to experience a sense of reality.  He wrote a fictional book and yet when you finish reading the novel, you walk away with a sense of such realism. He wanted it to reflect the everyday life of a Briton in the nineteen hundreds.  He also managed to put himself into the book, relating many things in the novel back to his life. 

One of the literary techniques that Dickens’ included in Great Expectations was his usage of characterization.  He portrays all his characters in a skillful way to reveal their strengths and their flaws as well.  Pip’s characterization grows more and more complex as he ages.  Dickens’ documents such growth in a manner where the reader can relate.  He also made use of allusions.  He made reference to Hercules when describing Joe.  

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