Thursday, February 2, 2012

In Class Notes - Great Expectations

1.       Characters
- Miss Havisham: wealthy woman, was going to educate Pip, encourages Pip to seek greater objectives in his future than a blacksmith, pays for Pip to become a blacksmith apprentice
- Estella: Miss Havisham's daughter, is forced by mother to get close to guys, then break their heart.  Tries to harden Estella's heart towards men so that she won't be hurt by a man the way she was
- Mrs. Joe- cranky, discouraging toward Pip, negative figure in Pip's life
- Joe: Pip's father figure, blacksmith, has great relationship with Pip, Pip shows him admiration
- Convict: threatening, has a good side (didn't get Pip in trouble when he could've)

2.       Family
- lives with his sister Mrs. Joe
- Joe is his father figure, married to his sister

3.       Time Period
- early 1800's

4.       Literary Techniques
- Foreshadowing: Graveyard is dark, and eery
- Allusion: Hercules- to describe Joe
- Syntax: low-class diction
- Irony: Mrs. Joe uses "tickler" to beat Pip

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