Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Class Socratic Seminar

-          Children need to make mistakes when they are young or else they won’t develop a sense of independence and will be reliant on others for everything that they do with their lives.
-          Ex:  parents should let their child pour orange juice even though they know he/she will spill it.  The child needs to learn how to do things on his/her own and learn from their mistakes.
-          Instead of being instructed, we should learn through experience.  What good is it for someone to tell me something when I can try it myself?
-          If kids are constantly being told what to do and have their choice made for them, they suffer on a emotional, physical and social level.
-          I remix school notes in my life by making connections with them to my life.  The other day we were talking about a problem in statistics that had to deal with blood types; the other week I organized a blood drive so that had personal attachment to it.
-          Is the test we taking in class really going to help is in real life?  Should we be taught how to socialize and thrive in the real world that isn’t just 2+2=4?
-          Then again, would we be motivated enough to keep that kind of learn style up?

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