Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Serious Need to Play & Video: Table of Free Voices

The Serious Need for Play
-          Too many rules and a restricting lifestyle at a young age can damage their future by causing them to be sheltered and reliant on others for help all the time.
-          Making mistakes is an essential part of growing up as a child.  When we make mistakes we learn from them and develop a better sense.
-          Free play is also a vital part of a childhood.  It allows them to come up with their own ideas and they become a more inventive, innovative individual.
 Table for Free Voices
-          They more choices we have leads to more happiness.  If we want a brighter tomorrow, we have to start choosing the right questions to answer for the world.  We not only have to take in our opinions, but also our counterparts that live across the world; how will something we do here affect them over there and vice versa.
-          There was a convention held in Berlin were representatives from countries around the world came to answer one hundred question, to which they all responded with a different perspective.
-          Topic ranged from: reinventing economics, understanding power, global frontier, perceiving eye, conscious recognition, politics of violence, the human footprint, innovation acceleration, celebrating diversity…etc.
-          These views were from people who are not normally heard
-          The internet should be used to learn about other societies, religions and beliefs.  Almost everything can be found on the internet, so why not use it to our advantage?  We should start to introduce students to the technological world that we live in.

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