Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tools That Change the Way We Think

With such a technology forward generation, internet/media/technology use is becoming the immediate response to anything really.  When we don’t know something, we turn to the internet.  When we need to communicate with someone it’s usually through our cell phones or a social media website (i.e. Facebook).  This changes the way I use my resources.  I can find almost about everything through the power of the internet.  There are so many different sources that you can find information from, what you have to watch out for is whether or not it is factual.  In this time and age, the typically person wants to get things done as efficiently as possible.  Why search for hours in a library when you can just search it on Google?  This saves you a trip to the library and the “hassling” task of finding the intended book.  Like many other teenagers in this era, I would find it disruptive to be without technology.  It’s not a necessity, but it definitely is a comfort that I am grateful for.  My parents are always going on about how so much easier things are with the advanced tools we have now a days; I can’t imagine what is going to be considered “up to date” when I have kids.  We live in the age of technology, and while it has changed our society, we must take it in stride.

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