Wednesday, October 19, 2011

To Facebook or Not to Facebook?

I first got a Facebook when I was in the seventh grade and at the time it wasn’t too popular.  It was really only mean for college student for the time being.  My first impression was that it was just another social media tool.  I already had a Myspace and so Facebook was just another way to communicate.  When I was younger, I probably thought Myspace was more exciting of the two because you got to “decorate” your profile and what not, but if I ever had to do that now, I would immediately shut mine down.  Some benefits are that you get talk to people that you may never see.  I have family back in the Midwest and talking through Facebook helps us connect.  However, if you’re idiotic enough to put up personal and intimate information that’s when things start to get a little sticky.  Not everyone on Facebook is there to be your friend.  The article really did nothing to change my mind about Facebook.  I had one before reading the article and still do.  Everyone was bashing it yesterday and yet they probably still went home and checked out who friend requested them or who commented on their wall.

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