Friday, January 20, 2012

My Gold Fish Took Up Tennis

My goldfish took up tennis.
They installed a little net
at the bottom of their fishtank
for their first official set.

They got tennis balls and racquets.
They got tennis shoes and shorts,
for my fish are fond of tennis
more than any other sports.

It's a funny thing to watch them.
When they practice every day,
as the tennis balls they serve each other
always float away.

Kenn Nesbitt

My reason for choosing this poem is simple: I love tennis.  Pair this up with some humor and you've got me.  Short and cute (it rhythms for goodness sakes!), I found this poem a long time ago when I was randomly looking up tennis trivia.  It stuck with me and so I printed it out and it has been taped onto the picture frame of me winning my first tournament ever since.  I'm glad that it can be put to use outside of my own pleasure.

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